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British Muslim Awards - Muslim Woman of the Year

British Muslim Awards - Noor Inayat Khan Muslim Woman of the Year 

The purpose of these awards which have been held annually is to recognise, celebrate and promote the success, achievements and contributions of Britain's Muslim individuals, groups and businesses and highlights the significant role Muslims play in contributing to a better Great Britain. 

Sahar Al-Faifi - Noor Inayat Khan Muslim Woman of the Year Winner 2020

The 8th annual awards were held in January 2020 where Sahar was awarded the Noor Inayat Khan Muslim Woman of the Year. Sahar's role as a community organiser involves developing the leadership capacity of the communities especially women so they can hold politicians and other decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them. Her activism focuses on seeking to unlock the power of civil society, widen civic participation and engagement and build a broad-based alliance for different campaigns that include welcoming refugees, living wage, anti-racism, women's empowerment and anti-Islamophobia. She is also a blogger at Huffington Post, she has written for the Independent and participated in many TV shows and debates against UKIP. Her continuous efforts and work in the community lead Sahar to be shortlisted into the finals due to the high number of nominations received from the public.





Womanspire Award - Community Activist Award

Chwarae Teg - Womenspire Award

Womenspire recognizes women’s achievements in every aspect of life, from personal achievements to outstanding contribution. Womenspire Awards showcase the remarkable accomplishments of women across Wales and will inspire future generations.

Sahar Al-Faifi, Cardiff – Community Activist Award Winner 2019

A molecular geneticist, Sahar has taken a sabbatical to combat Islamophobia and dedicates her life to encouraging young people, particularly from BAME backgrounds to get engaged in public life. As a Muslim feminist, she has endured much abuse but remained prominent activist campaigning for tolerance, anti-racism, and feminism, wanting to create a more welcoming and inclusive Wales. She also sky-dives in her spare time!


This award was sponsored by @GEAviation #Womenspire19 #BeWomenspired

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